Patrick Capone

Mr Capone's Bootlegger Band Auditions

Capone's Bootlegger Band Auditions

It's been a long time since I jammed with my band, too long, and its time for that to change. I'm putting the band back together and I would love for you to be a part of it. - PC

WANTED: Drums, Bass, Organ/Keys, Horns, Rhythm Guitar, Backup Singers, and plenty of cowbell.

What I'm looking to do is put together a group of outstanding musicians who would be willing to sacrifice some of our precious free time in order to create a band capable of performing a live set at charity and promotional events around the Chicagoland area.

Paul O'Neill Trans-Siberian Orchestra Interview with Capone

Paul O'Neill Promo Photo from Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Here is the full unedited interview with Paul O'Neill from the world famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Paul has a rich history in rock and roll and during this interview we discuss the origin of the band and it's musicians, their amazing success, and details on the upcoming shows here in Chicago at the Allstate Arena on Sunday December 28th at 3pm and 8pm.

Marines Hymn Heavy Metal Guitar Solo

Capone Playing the Marines Hymn Heavy Metal Guitar Solo

Today, I recorded a fun video of myself playing the legendary Marines Hymn as a heavy metal guitar solo. Originally, this guitar solo video was made to salute the brave warriors of our armed services, and in celebration of the Marine Corp birthday. However, as several of my friends have mentioned, any day is a good day to thank our amazing veterans.

I'll try and make an mp3 audio version of the guitar track available as a free download.