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Here's the deal. I failed English class. My grammar is crap. If I didn't have spell check, you would think I never made it out of high school. Half the time my brain is thinking one thing and my fingers are typing something else completely. The other half of the time.. wait.. what was I talking about?

Marines Hymn Heavy Metal Guitar Solo

Capone Playing the Marines Hymn Heavy Metal Guitar Solo

Today, I recorded a fun video of myself playing the legendary Marines Hymn as a heavy metal guitar solo. Originally, this guitar solo video was made to salute the brave warriors of our armed services, and in celebration of the Marine Corp birthday. However, as several of my friends have mentioned, any day is a good day to thank our amazing veterans.

I'll try and make an mp3 audio version of the guitar track available as a free download.

CMA Awards 2013 - A Country Karaoke Night

CMA Awards 2013

I enjoy music of all kinds, and certainly respect musicians from all genres, which is one of the reason I TRIED to sit through another CMA award show last night.

On the good side, there were many great acts scheduled to perform "live" and I was looking forward to seeing how they all did. Live music is my favorite. Yes, many of the vocal performances were outstanding, but that's not my issue here.

Radio Flashback 1995 - The Cornholing Incident

Me, Hardy Nickerson, Lee, and Harry on the bottom

Sitting in the daily after morning show meeting with my Program Director down in Tampa Florida. My co-host Lee to my left, and the typical cerebral news guy Harry sitting on my right. The office was very dimly lit, shades always drawn tight, and decorated with many cool items of rock memorabilia all over the walls. Little toys and figures were strategically placed in every inch of free space on his desk and shelves. He was rubbing his hand over the top of his freshly shaved head rocking back in his chair.

The First Two-Handed Guitar Tapping - Video

Vittorio Camardese Guitar Tapping Photo

To many guitarists and rock music fans Eddie Van Halen is the man who "invented" two handed tapping on the guitar. To guitarists who have dug deeper into the instrument, they know that the technique goes much farther back and that EVH simply brought it to the US main stream at the time. Nobody will ever know for sure who "invented" the technique, because it goes further back than can be documented.