Mr Capone's Bootlegger Band Auditions

Capone's Bootlegger Band Auditions

It's been a long time since I jammed with my band, too long, and its time for that to change. I'm putting the band back together and I would love for you to be a part of it. - PC

WANTED: Drums, Bass, Organ/Keys, Horns, Rhythm Guitar, Backup Singers, and plenty of cowbell.

What I'm looking to do is put together a group of outstanding musicians who would be willing to sacrifice some of our precious free time in order to create a band capable of performing a live set at charity and promotional events around the Chicagoland area.

I've done this in the past at every radio that I have worked for and it's always been a total blast. Previously, my bands have done a lot of comedy material along with originals. While some comedy tunes MIGHT be included, I'm looking to mostly work on creating our own versions of known cover songs as well as original rock and roll.

Now, this will require a bit of a commitment at times and I'll put most of the info I can think of below.

What I'm going to do is setup a night for meeting and auditions. Nothing crazy, just a quick chance to show off your skill. You can play a bit of a song, or solo, or jam with a friend, whatever. It's totally up to you.

If your interested in performing with this project, I ask that you send me your contact information. Please include your chosen instrument and any experience you feel might be worth mentioning. I'll keep you posted about the auditions.

Where to send your info:
Please include your full name, instrument, email, and phone.
If you have a link to video or audio online, feel free to include it.
Email your info to:
or send a hard copy to:
Patrick Capone
ico WLUP
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 230
Chicago, IL 60654

While not needed right away, I usually end up with a dedicated sound man and road crew. I invite anybody who might also be interested in crewing for the band to contact me as well.


What kind of music are you going to play?
Rock and Roll. We will put our own style into some covers with maybe some originals. Sure, I have a sound in my head, but once a group of musicians come together, well, that usually goes out the window and the band ends up sounding like the band. We will let it sound like it sounds best. I love guitar, so you can figure on it being a very guitar oriented rock band.

How often do you plan on playing out?
Rarely. This is not going to be a bar band with the goal of getting a record label deal. This is a fun musical project designed to help out charity and promotional events as the opportunity arises. In the past we have played out a couple of times a year, usually larger shows and events with pretty excellent crowds.

Will I make any money?
Probably not. Since most of the gigs will be for charity and promotions there will be no pay involved. If you are looking for another source of income, well, this isn't the project for you. In the past, endorsement deals have come around as a result of my bands. I believe that was mostly due to the amount of airplay we generated at the time. With that said, it's important to understand that The LOOP is a classic rock station and our music will definitely not receive any airplay.

How much experience do I need?
I don't care if you have ever played live in a band before, however I do expect you to be an expert skilled at your instrument.

What do I need to provide?
Musicians will be required to supply their own equipment and transportation to practice and events. You need time, gear, a fun positive attitude, and a little bit of patience.

How often will we be practicing?
At first we might practice 1-2 times a week in order to put a quality set together. This could easily die down as we finalize a set and go between events, however... I tend to ramp up practice prior to events in order to make sure everything is as tight as possible. Practice dates are schedule to best accommodate everybody's hectic schedules. I will most likely be able to supply a practice place. If a better option arises, so be it.

Can I still be in another band?
Hell Yes. We will try to accommodate everyone's schedule as best as possible.

How old do you have to be?
Look, I don't care if your 21 or 91, 100 pounds or 700 pounds, long hair or bald, all that matters is that your a great player. I think it would be best to be over 21 due to venue restrictions.

Do you plan on doing any recording?
Well, I do love to record, so yes probably. I do have a bunch of original material that I have been working on the last couple of years and it would be fun to put it into the machines.

Are you only looking for the instruments and vocalists that you have listed above?
What have ya got? Tuba? Bagpipes? Bongos? Balalaika? cool. If you have something to add I would love to hear it.

Dude, I've been in your band. Your not a good singer. What the hell are you gonna do?
Man, that's the truth. I'm not a good singer. Look, it's Rock and Roll... We'll play louder.

Got a question that I haven't answered, just send me an email. Address is shown above.


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What's going on?
As most of us know, WLUP The LOOP was sold to new owners at the beginning of 2014. The pending sale had put everything on hold late last year and as we settle in with the new owners, and DJ positions are either secured or lost, the future of this charity band project will become more clear.

In other words, I'm still wondering if I'll be working here next month LOL

Since I didn't want to start all of us down a road we could not finish, I postponed the project until the future of my position at the radio station is made clear. I would hate for anybody to dedicate a bunch of time and energy to a project that was possibly going to get shut down before it got started.

Things are moving slow, however once I know whats' going on, the audition process will move forward.. or not..

and so goes life in Radio :)