ASCAP Celebrates 100 Years

Paul Williams President of ASCAP

For many people, Paul Williams is the guy they just found out worked with Daft Punk on their hit album. To many of the rest of us, he’s the musician who made a fortune writing and producing tunes for decades. What you may not know is that he is also the president and chairman of ASCAP who celebrates their 100 year anniversary today.

If you are a working musician, band, or songwriter, ASCAP may very well be the source of your bread and butter. You see, ASCAP stands for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Beatles Help! Jackets Auction

Beatles Help! Jackets Auction

Everything is coming up Beatles these days. 50th anniversary for this, for that, for everything… and they deserve it. Well, here is a piece of memorabilia that you might just want.. to wear.. out.. in public.. like a boss.

The jackets worn by the Beatles in the film Help! are going up for auction. You might remember seeing them on the jacket of the soundtrack. Indeed they are cool, although they do look a lot like the artful Dodger in them.

Be aware, these gems might just attract Lady Gaga, who could adorn them with a meat bikini. How nice.

Queen reach six million album sales in UK

Queen Greatest Hits Album cover

Queen’s greatest hits album has hit a landmark moment across the pond. They became the first act to sell 6 million of an album.

If your like me, your thinking “What? Only 6 million? Really?!”

And you would be right to think so.

But what about Dark Side of the Moon? Nope.
Led Zeppelin? Nope.
The Beatles? Nope.

In fact, the next runner up is Abba.