Capone LOVES to play the guitar, and each week he records a popular guitar lick from one of the LOOP's classic rock songs. If you can guess the name of the song that the lick came from, text it to 312979. He picks one winner from all of the correct choices, and if it's you, well, he'll hook you up with a handful of dirty swag... and who wouldn't want a handful of dirty swag?!

As an added bonus, Capone films a short instructional video from his home recording studio where he teaches you how to play the LOOP LICK. You'll find those videos located here, as well as on his YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrPatrickcapone

Capone Playing his Gretsch Honey Dipper Resonator Guitar

Capone with this Gretsch Honey Dipper Resonator Guitar

Brother Chris came over the other night with his killer new cam setup. While we were testing the new gear, I grabbed my Gretsch Honey Dipper resonator guitar and jammed out some old school finger-style blues. Nothing fancy, not perfect, just for fun, however I thought you might like to see what I do with my time when I'm not in the LOOP studios.

LOOP LICKS - Walk this Way by Aerosmith

Here is the video from today's LOOP LICK - Walk this Way by Aerosmith.
I show you how to play Joe Perry's main lick, which was today's LOOP LICK. It's a super cool sounding riff and not very hard to play either, however the rhythm might give newer guitarists a bit of trouble at first.
As always, you're on your own to learn the rest of the song :)