Clapton Talks Retirement

Eric Clapton with Stratocaster

Eric Clapton is enough of a music veteran to know rock rule #13 – There is no retiring in rock and roll, however he has decided that the time has almost come to retire from the road.

“So the idea is I'm taking a leaf out of JJ [Cale]'s book: When I'm 70, I'll stop. I won't stop playing or doing one-offs, but I'll stop touring, I think." Said Eric Clapton to Rolling Stone.

Now, considering that Mr. Clapton will turn 68 years old this march, his current tour might very well be your last chance to see him.. “on tour”. He simply doesn’t like the travel.

“for me, the struggle is the travel. And the only way you can beat that is by throwing so much money at it that you make a loss.”

Eric Clapton’s new album “Old Sock” will be released March 12, 2013.