Capone's Rock Mafia Charity Riders

Capone's Rock Mafia MC

If you have attended any of the cool charity motorcycle rides around Chicago, Indiana, or southern Wisconsin over the last couple of years you may have seen me or some of my brothers wearing our LOOP patches supporting the event.. and that is exactly what we are all about.

My goal here is to use the power of the best rock station on the planet - The LOOP - to help support all of the amazing charity motorcycle rides that happen every year around Chicagoland. By providing on air and social media promotion as well as on site value, our goal is to make the event even more of a success.

Informally known as the Rock Mafia, we are simply a bunch of rock music fans, who ride, who want to help make a difference.

Of course, everyone is welcome to join us in these rides, hell that's the whole idea.

Have a charity motorcycle ride that you would like the LOOP to help promote?
Cool. We would love to help. I suggest sending Capone an email with all of the usual details; where, when, why, how much, etc.
Here is the link to the contact form:
or you can email the Prez directly at The LOOP: capone at wlup dot com

Want to become a patched in member of Capone's Rock Mafia?
Awesome. Here is the link to more details: