Mmmm Beer.
What goes great with live rock and roll? Beer!
What is made of sweet delicious hops and barley? Beer!
What helps cure cotton mouth? Beer!
What has less calories than the same portion of skim-milk or apple juice? Beer!
What is a rich source of vitamin B? Beer!
What is known to have cancer fighting anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties? Beer!
What product did ACDC just add to their merchandise line? Beer!

Thank God, I have had enough of rock bands coming out with wine. Seriously.

Enough said.

'Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.' - Benjamin Franklin

In a survey conducted in 80 countries, 2,000 people were questioned on which countries have the world’s worst beer. The results listed the United States as #1.

I Cry BULLSHIT! and I can prove it.

Join us this Saturday for the WindyCity BrewHaHa and enjoy unlimited tastings from Chicagolands best breweries. I guarantee that you will find some new hop deliciousness.

Patrick “I love Beer” Capone

Patrick Capone